Leader is the lightest and most versatile road bike with disc brakes ever produced by Olympia. With minimal, clean lines, and painstakingly honed down to the smallest detail, it has been designed for those who spend many hours in the saddle and expect comfort, rigidity, easy riding control and advanced aerodynamic solutions. The frame, which in the 54.5 size weighs only 850 grams, reflects all the best of Olympia’s know-how. Internally, three different types of Toray carbon fibre are combined: T1000, featuring top rigidity and load strength; M40J, designed to absorb vibration and ensure the necessary elasticity in highest-stress points; T800, a middle-ground option that harmonises the various mechanical properties of the material.


To build this frame, Olympia’s R&D specialists have used the EPS technology with latex double mould. The internal mould in foam polystyrene is covered with latex and the carbon fibre is actually “supported” by this structure. The entire mould is heated, inflated and then hardened. Thanks to the effect of the latex material, which is removed in the final phase, a perfectly smooth finish will be obtained, completely free of excess material inside the frame, in full compliance with the design specifications. This results in a more compact, lighter and more rigid layup, with improved response to the pedalling action.

The traditionally inspired geometry features an elongated trail, which improves stability, facilitates cornering and cancels the shimming effect. The fork rake has been reduced to 42mm.

The aerodynamic rear stay is factory-ready for mounting 28 mm tyres. In the front part of the frame, the tubes’ cross section becomes wider and reinforcing ribs are added. The 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 steering system is solid and reliable – guaranteeing high steering precision.

The cables are concealed, except in setups with a mechanical gear shifter, where cable sheath routing is external to the handlebars to ensure smoother shifting. For all setups, a single cable inlet has been adopted in the top part of the slanted tube.

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